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What is Vapor Armour™?

Vapor Armour™ is the industry's only true vapor barrier solution for cold-storage facilities. Our patented application creates an impermeable air barrier between dry, cold, and frozen storage areas.

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Why Unwanted Ice Forms in a Freezer

Ice formation and contamination is a universal problem in cold storage facilities.  Whenever there is a discontinuity in the vapor barrier, warm, moist air flows over the tops of walls, in from loading docks, and between freezer, cooler, and battery rooms. The warmer air condenses from vapor to water, then freezes, contaminating insulation and product, and creating a costly, ongoing cleanup project.

Amazing Warranty

Vapor Armour™ is the only patented vapor barrier in the freezer and cold-storage industry with a warranty of any kind. After installation, we'll give you a 15-year, no dollar-limit warranty, but we're confident you'll never need to use it.

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