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Frascold is the third largest compressor manufacturer in the world, building some 70000 units anually. Every compressor we make is run tested before it leaves the factory and carries a standard two year warranty.

Take on any refrigeration challenge with Frascold. We have the right compressor for any job, and every one is factory run tested. This dedication to quality lets us stand behind everything we build an industry-leading 2 year warranty. Discover why blue is better today.
Selection Software
The new software is easy to use and provides accurate results supporting the operator with all the necessary data for:

-selection of compressor and condensing unit

- table of performance data for selected product

-performance calculation under design operational conditions

For over 80 years, we have remained true to our values of quality, efficiency and service. Our products and manufacturing are world class, but it is our superior customer service truly sets us apart in the market.

Our distribution network covers 86 countries and we have subsidiaries in China, India and the Unites States. Let our experience work for you and discover why Blue Is Better.

Reciprocating compressors
Standard semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors range from 0.5 to 80 Hp and are designed with performance, reliability and efficiency in mind. This product line consists of 8 Series comprised of 86 models. All models are also compatible with our revolutionary new Reduced Suction Head (RSH) capacity control system and are suitable for variable frequency drive use.
Screw compressors
Wide range of twin screw compressor models with displacement from 199 to 1085 m3/h (50Hz) for refrigeration applications, air conditioning, heat pumps.
Appropriate for traditional HFC and HCFC-based refrigerants, HFOs and Hydrocarbons.
The whole range can operate with inverter.
Screw compressors for refrigeration
RTS and NR series
The compressors have been developed with a compact and innovative design, and they are suitable for universal use in commercial and industrial applications.
This range of compressors is equipped with a mechanical system that allows an efficient capacity control.
All the compressors can be installed in parallel with others compressors having the same size or different size, allowing great flexibility of use.

Our extensive product line sets the standard for performance and reliability.

We have over 300 models of compressors with different construction technologies for applications in the commercial refrigeration chain. For the storage and the production of food products and foods or in other areas where the temperature control must be precise. In addition, our compressors provide reliability and improved energy efficiency.