Reliant Sales, Inc.
Artic Temp has been manufacturing quality walk-in coolers and freezers for our neighbors in the Central States for many years in our factory located in central Oklahoma. Now we are making them available across the U.S. and Canada, manufactured in three factories strategically located from Coast to Coast – Portland OR, Prague OK, and Salisbury NC. As a custom manufacturer, we pride ourselves on providing the exact size walk-in to fit your needs at a very competitive price while staying in compliance with the Energy Independence Security Act (EISA). EISA sets energy requirements for commercial walk-in coolers and freezers.

Walk-In Cold Storage Rooms

  • Prefabricated modular construction, designed and constructed for exact size, easy field installation and future disassembly, enlargement or relocation
  •  Foamed-in-place polyurethane panels in 4” thickness (standard), but are also available: 3.5”, 5”, and 5.5” thickness
  • Panels are NSF listed

Panel Insulation

Our panel insulation includes:

  • HCFC free Class 1 fire rated polyurethane foam core, UL-723, <=25 flame spread and smoke developed <=450, in accordance with ASTM E84
  • K factor of foam is .125
  • Insulation contains 97% closed cell structure with an average of 2 pounds per cubic foot density and conforms to international standards for ozone depletion contribution


  • R-28 for 3 ½” thick panels
  • R-32 for 4” thick panels
  • R-40 for 5” thick panels
  • R-48 for 6” thick panels


We offer the following flooring options:

  • Pre-fabricated floors, rated for foot traffic
  • NSF approved floors include NSF cove formed and foamed in place in the floor panel
  • Wear surface includes .080”smooth aluminum or .080” low profile aluminum diamond tread
  • Reinforced floor panels available with 3/4” plywood underlayment to support hand trucks and/or manual pallet jacks
  • Insulated concrete floors (by a qualified contractor) are recommended for freezers with traffic loads exceeding 750 pounds per square foot – Artic Temp can provide the vapor barrier, insulation, thermal breaks and insulation

Drop-In Floors

Wanting to convert a cooler to a freezer, replace a failing existing prefabricated floor, or just insulate the floor area for improved efficiencies? We can replace or add a prefabricated panel floor to an existing chamber without dissembling it.

Fiercely Cold.  Made to Last.

Closures, Trim & Refrigeration Equipment

  • Optional matching trim strip panels between walk-in walls, building walls and ceiling for vertical and ceiling closures as necessary
  • Optional seismic tie-downs and wet stamped engineering drawings are available for areas where required by code.
  • Split remote systems with outdoor condensing units and loose parts
  • Self-contained, drop –in systems also available

Swing Doors

  • Standard cooler and freezer door sizes are 36” x 78” overlap construction with PVC door leaf and jamb assembly with magnetic gaskets
  • Freezer doors include frame and threshold heaters and heated air vent
  • Door finishes match panel finishes inside and out
  • Doors include handles with padlock provision and inside safety release
  • Door frames include toggle switches with pilot light and 2” flush mount thermometers
  • Options include: Flush door construction (frame and leaf made with PVC extrusion), cylinder locks, recessed j-boxes and concealed conduit, aluminum diamond tread or stainless steel kick plates, strip curtains and windows

Sliding Doors

  • Single slide and bi-part sliding doors available with either manual or electric operation
  • Door finishes match panel finishes
  • Optional hoods fully cover the door tracks